The Business Model Consulting is the consolidation of my experience in teaching startups in colleges, schools and other educational institutions. I have also worked as a consultant for a large consulting firm (Arthur Andersen) and for small companies. Differently from other academic subjects, the startup planning and execution has to be extremely practical. So, after I moved to Norway, I decided to share what I have learned and practiced.

My goal is to make the business model design and implementation an affordable and very practical adventure.

Rafael de Souza

Founder and CEO

Innovation driven, creative, solution-oriented, with a large international experience and good humor. Specialist in Business Model design and the Lean Startup methodology with emphasis in Customer Development. Currently consulting a promising global startup in Norway. Have helped open many companies in Brazil and in Norway. In the corporate world always worked as project manager and business consultant, especially in data production, analysis and distribution. Very strong financial experience in different accounting and banking scenarios, with very solid IT background.

Full CV: Follow this link.

Email me: rdesouza@online.no

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